President of largest Christian university in US responds to FTC lawsuit

Fantastic Gorge College President Brian Mueller says FTC claims are ‘level of absurdity’Grand Gully College (GCU) President Brian Mueller says the charges made in the Bureaucratic Exchange Commission’s (FTC) claim against the school this week are “the level of ridiculousness” and additional confirmation of what he says are composed and designated moves being initiated by the national government against the establishment.

The FTC on Wednesday declared that the office is suing GCU, its advertiser Great Gulch Training, Inc. (GCE), and Mueller specifically, guaranteeing the respondents misleading showcased the school as a not-for-profit, deluded imminent understudies about costs and participated in unlawful selling.
Mueller said in an extended explanation Thursday that the way that the FTC is disagreeing with GCU, the biggest Christian college in the U.S., recognizing itself as a non-benefit substance during a 18-month window after the school progressed to turn into a non-benefit in 2018 is “illogical.”

“That exchange was honored by the IRS, Province of Arizona and our certifying body (Higher Learning Commission), so obviously we distinguished ourselves as a charity since we were… and are,” Mueller said.
The U.S. Division of Schooling held up year and a half after the exchange to declare it wouldn’t perceive our legitimate philanthropic status for the reasons for Title IV subsidizing and requested around then that, pushing ahead, GCU not distinguish itself as a charitable organization in light of unsupported hypothesis that understudies would confound GCU’s lawful not-for-profit status with the Division’s purported ‘Title IV for-benefit status.’ We contradicted that assessment yet participated as a completely honest intentions motion,” he contended.
For the FTC to say now, after five years, that distinguishing ourselves as a charitable foundation during that 18-month window was some way or another ‘misleading publicizing’ is meritless and the level of ludicrousness,” he proceeded.

Meuller additionally denies the FTC’s cases that GCE participated in “oppressive advertising calls” to imminent understudies.
GCE doesn’t settle on cool decisions to forthcoming understudies for GCU. It just contacts the people who have asked about GCU’s projects or generally communicated interest in going to the college,” Mueller said. “That training is normal among advanced education establishments and different substances, yet GCU is being singled out in an unmitigated illustration of specific requirement by this government organization.”

The GCU president said other FTC charges connected with doctoral divulgences and the college’s relationship with its specialist co-op are “similar unmerited cases” made by the Division of Training, which fined the school $37.7 million in October.
I will not invest energy discrediting those since we have proactively done as such,” Mueller said. “In any case, the way that the FTC is involving similar allegations as the Division of Training clarifies that the two organizations are planning endeavors and recommends that the FTC’s genuine objective is to additional weight GCU by driving it to shield against duplicative claims.”

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