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The LCI Education Network is a global community of private higher education institutions that focus on design and the creative arts. It was established in Montreal, Canada, in 1959 under the name LaSalle College International. It has grown internationally over the years and changed its name to LCI Education Network to reflect its diverse offerings and global reach.


There are a number of institutions in the network that are spread out across a variety of nations, such as Canada, Spain, Colombia, Australia, and other places. Programs in fashion, arts and design, culinary arts, interior design, digital arts, and other areas are available at each network institution. Students can study on a variety of campuses around the world and frequently benefit from international collaborations and exchanges.


The goal of LCI Education Network is to give students an education that is practical and relevant to the industry, preparing them for careers in the creative industries. It cultivates a community of creative professionals across its campuses by placing an emphasis on hands-on learning, innovation, and global perspectives. While maintaining its commitment to quality and international collaboration, the network continues to expand and change in response to developments in design and arts education.

Diversity and Global Reach

LCI Education Network’s international presence is one of its most distinctive characteristics. There are a number of institutions in this network that offer creative industries-specific programs. LCI Education Network provides a platform for students interested in fashion design, graphic arts, culinary arts, interior design, or other dynamic fields to learn and grow.

A hands-on approach to learning and programs that are relevant to the industry are at the heart of LCI Education Network’s educational philosophy. Programs that are relevant to the industry and practical for students prepare them for successful careers after graduation. In order to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and abilities required by the creative industries, which are undergoing rapid change, the curriculum was developed in collaboration with professionals in the industry.

Opportunities for Global Experience

Opportunities for International Exchange and Collaboration LCI Education Network provides campus-to-campus opportunities for international exchange and collaboration and promotes global perspectives. Students are better prepared to succeed in a globalized workforce and have their educational experiences enhanced by this international exposure. Students at LCI Education Network gain valuable insights and broaden their professional networks through participation in global events, joint projects with peers from other countries, or study abroad programs.

Creativity and Innovation

The LCI Education Network’s campuses all share a common focus on innovation and creativity. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, try out new methods, and push the boundaries of conventional design and art. Students are able to develop their own distinct artistic voices in a dynamic setting that is facilitated by the network.

Community and Support

In addition to academic success, LCI Education Network places a significant emphasis on student community and support. Experienced professionals who are committed to mentoring and guiding students throughout their academic careers make up the faculty. Students can receive individualized support and constructive feedback as a result of the small class sizes that ensure individual attention.

Looking Ahead

LCI Education Network is committed to remaining at the forefront of education even as the creative industries continue to develop. The network gives students the skills and mindset they need to succeed in a world that is becoming more competitive and interconnected by fostering talent, innovation, and global collaboration.

In conclusion, LCI Education Network is a shining example of excellence in the education of creative arts and design, preparing the upcoming generation of creative professionals to make their mark on the global stage. LCI Education Network continues to empower creativity worldwide, shaping futures and inspiring innovation in the creative industries, whether in Montreal, Barcelona, Melbourne, or anywhere else.

Programs Offered at LCI Education Network

LCI Education Network has campuses all over the world that offer a wide range of programs, with a primary focus on the creative arts and design fields. Some of the most popular programs are as follows:

Design of Fashion

Programs that cover everything from fashion illustration to garment construction to textile theory to fashion marketing.

Art Direction

Preparing students for careers in advertising, publishing, and digital media are courses in typography, branding, digital imaging, and web design.

Design of Interiors

Students are prepared for residential and commercial projects by learning about sustainable design principles, materials, lighting, and space planning.

Arts & Crafts

Programs including drawing, painting, figure, and mixed media expressions, sustaining innovative articulation and specialized abilities.

Art of Cooking

Preparing students for careers in catering, hotels, and restaurants through instruction in culinary techniques, kitchen management, pastry arts, and international cuisine.

Animation and digital arts: courses geared toward the entertainment and media industries in digital storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, and game design.

Photography and filmmaking: Preparing students for careers in film, television, and photography studios are programs that cover cinematography, film production, digital photography, and post-production techniques.

Management and business in the creative industries: Entrepreneurship, marketing, project management, and creative industries-specific business strategy classes.

Marketing and selling fashion: In the fashion industry, training in retail buying, fashion promotion, trend analysis, and retail management.

Development and design of games: Students are prepared for careers in the gaming and interactive media industries through programs that cover game design theory, game programming, level design, and virtual reality (VR).

Internships, industry collaborations, and opportunities for international study exchanges frequently supplement each program’s theoretical content with practical, hands-on experience. The goal of this all-encompassing strategy is to provide graduates with the skills, knowledge, and connections to the business world they need to succeed in their chosen creative fields.

Student Support and Services

The LCI Education Network’s commitment to providing a full educational experience includes providing services and support for students. The following are some important areas in which LCI Education Network typically provides its students with assistance and services:

Academic Guidance:

Students are assisted in planning their academic paths, selecting courses, and ensuring progress toward graduation by dedicated advisors or faculty members.

Services for Jobs

Vocation guiding, continue building, quest for new employment procedures, and systems administration potential chances to assist understudies with changing from schooling to work in their picked field.

Academic Aid and Tutoring: access to study groups, workshops, and tutoring services to aid in academic success and reinforce learning.

Guidance for Students

Personal, academic, or career-related confidential counseling services typically provided by trained counselors or psychologists.

Services for Health and Wellness: Access to health-related resources, wellness programs, and assistance in sustaining one’s mental and physical health.

Support for International Students: orientation programs, support for cultural acclimatization, assistance with visa and immigration issues, and language services for international students

Scholarships and Financial Aid: assistance with budgeting and financial planning, as well as information on available options for financial aid and scholarships.

Assistance with Housing: Information and assistance in finding a place to live, whether

Alumni Success Stories

Reflecting the network’s dedication to nurturing talent and preparing graduates for successful careers, LCI Education Network alumni have achieved notable success across various creative industries worldwide. Some inspiring examples of success include:

Design of Fashion

Maria, a graduate of LCI Barcelona, established her own sustainable couture-focused fashion label. Her commitment to ethical fashion is demonstrated by the fact that her designs have been worn by celebrities and featured in major fashion shows.

Art Direction

Juan is a well-known graphic designer who is well-known for his creative branding campaigns. He attended LCI Bogotá. He has won awards for his innovative contributions to digital media and has worked with global brands.

Design of Interiors

Emily graduated from LCI Melbourne and started her own interior design business, focusing on high-end residential projects. Her designs have received praise for their elegance and utility in architectural publications.

Art of Cooking

Javier, who completed the culinary program at LCI Montréal, is a well-known chef with a Michelin-starred restaurant. His innovative culinary creations combine international flavors and draw diners from all over the world.

Animation and digital arts: Sarah is a lead animator at a well-known animation studio and a graduate of LCI Vancouver. Her work on blockbuster movies and animated series has been well-received by critics and helped the studio succeed.

Photography and filmmaking

Alex is a talented filmmaker whose debut feature film received numerous awards at international film festivals. He attended LCI Barcelona. He is a rising star in the film industry thanks to his visually arresting storytelling.

Management and business in the creative industries: Lucas graduated from LCI So Paulo and set up a successful creative agency that specialized in fashion brand digital marketing. The business has emerged as a major player in the sector thanks to his strategic vision and business acumen.

The numerous career paths and accomplishments made possible by education at LCI Education Network are highlighted in these success stories of alumni. The network gives graduates the ability to make significant contributions to their fields and realize their professional goals on a global scale by encouraging creativity, providing training that is relevant to the industry, and encouraging a global perspective.


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